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well that’s a nice still isnt it…….but watch this plz :)


Ok everybody go do this right now. I’ve voted like 20 times already and it takes .2 of a second. Plus the band is SICK. So do it! xo

Tumblr Hate

Im getting so sick of anons having a go at me. Seriously, if you had any guts at all come off anon and say something then. I usually ignore it all but enough is enough.  I actually hate this website so much these days. Its gotten so full of haters and people just making accounts to put others down or trying to tell others what to do with their own blog. If this is you then get a freaking life, bullying leads to a lot of suicide cases if you ever actually took any notice to the news, so if you want to be the cause of anything like this to any of the people on tumblr that you are bitches to then you really need a serious reality check and a good kick up the ass! Seriously i do hate it. 

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